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Monday, September 17, 2012


I seem to have hit a lull in the interesting story sector, but recently I had a very fun and potentially damaging bus ride. I was on my way back from an outing and decided to sit in the very back of the bus, since that was the most open out of any other section in the bus. To my surprise, before I even sat down, the bus took off at lightning speed. When I finally got to my seat, I though, okay, I can handle this. About two seconds after I had that thought, the bus hit a bump and I went flying…seriously I was at least two feet in the air. When I landed, the Ugandan sitting closest to me was laughing. I also thought this was funny…the first time. After the fourth time I didn’t find it as amusing…neither did the Ugandan. Luckily the bus ride wasn’t very long, so I only had to put up with a few more bumps. It wasn’t so much the airtime that sucks, actually that was quite fun, but the landing was just painful.

In other news, I got yet another marriage proposal from a Uganda. This was one of the funniest though. I was with a friend at the bank, waiting for her to complete her transaction. While waiting I noticed one of the bankers looking at me and saying something to my friend. I didn’t really think anything of it, mostly figured it was just the guy making sure I didn’t have any business he should attend to. As my friend and I were walking out of the bank, she asked me to take a look at the banker who was earlier pointing me out. Apparently, while trying to complete her transaction, the banker was asking about me, more specifically what my bride-price was. My friend told me she indicated my high level of education which would make my bride price very high. I laughed and said yes, it would probably be about 100 cows. My friend, almost taken aback, said well I told him it would be $100!

Apparently my friends view highly of me.

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