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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The House on Mango Street

I have officially experienced mango fly number 2. Yup! I think this is a sign, I may need to buy an iron. I called Leslie to come and take a look at it, since she has had some mango fly experience and it was in a spot I could not see easily. It was on the muscle between my neck and shoulder (not sure what that muscle is called, sorry anatomy professor). At first I thought I had a pimple, but upon further inspection (me feeling it) I realized it was much bigger than a normal pimple should be. I tried popping it, but it did not pop like a normal pimple should. When I did my double mirror inspection I saw there was a hole of some kind where the pimple head should be. I automatically thought mango fly, so I got my Vaseline and put some on it and noticed upon doing so a head somehow developed on the “pimple”. I tried popping it a couple more times, with no success. Finally, I conceded to just putting Vaseline on it in hopes that the next morning when Leslie showed up she would be willing and able to pop the sucker out.


15 hours later:
So Leslie came by and inspected the potential mango fly. She looked at it and didn’t see the tell-tale black head that usually appears when it is a mango fly. She tried popping it and a little circular ball like item came out (potentially an egg). She said it appeared that there was still something there because the wound was still raised. I put some more Vaseline on it and we talked for a bit. Before she left, Leslie checked the wound again and said it looked like it was on the road to healing. Hopefully that means either it wasn’t a mango fly after all or we got the egg before it developed into a full on worm. We’ll see later today and tomorrow. Hopefully the blackhead doesn’t appear because then I’d probably have to call Leslie over again to try and help pop it and get the worm out.

A few hours later:
I went with Leslie to the market and she checked out my potential mango fly spot and said it didn’t look like a blackhead was forming and it seemed to be healing nicely. Maybe this means it wasn’t a mango fly after all!

After I left town, I decided it was time for me to start using my stove. I apparently used all the power charging my computer and cooking rice with my rice cooker because as soon as it was done the power went out. Anyhow, I made some Kholapuri spicy sauce (and yes, it was delicious). I cut up some veggies and mixed it with the sauce and poured it on my rice and it turned out delicious! Even though I was exhausted from my walk from town, it was really stress-relieving to cut up the veggies and create something from semi-scratch. Friday I think I’m going to try and cook fried rice. I’m going to save the rest of the Kholapuri for tomorrow’s dinner.


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