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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Twilight Zone

In less than 24 hours I will be swearing in as an official Peace Corps Volunteer (pause to allow this to sink in).

Good news items:
-I passed my LPI
-I clarified my duties with my supervisor

Bad news items:
-I have Giardia (a.k.a. THE G)
-My kindle broke (but I'm getting a new one sent thanks to a warranty)
-The homestay gremlins have hit again

The story of the homestay gremlins begins much earlier, during our language immersion and future site visit. Upon my return, I found that a brown blouse, a pair of socks, my face towel and my TASO bracelet had gone missing. My laptop, external harddrive, and kindle were completely left untouched. Strange? Agreed.

The next visit came when Andrew and I went to Floral Hotels to hang out. Between 5:30pm and 9:00pm, a pair of socks (that were the color of mud) and my black tights went missing. Now, keep in mind, my room is NOT THAT BIG. It would be very hard for me to "misplace" something and not find it. The third event occurred the day before I left my homestay, the cover of my malaria bed net was taken. Yeah, even weirder! My host family seemed receptive to my concerns and my host brother claims to have things missing too. The problem is that my room is connected to his and a storage room. My host brother's room is always left open, so the entrance point has been identified. However, the real question is, who? Some people suggest the family, but a part of me wants to believe they wouldn't do that kind of thing. I guess it's a good thing I didn't stay there any longer than I needed to. If I ever decide to go back and visit, it will definitely not be a sleep over visit!


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